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Stocking Up

I’m making plarn in advance. I’ve gotten a good amount done so far as you can see. Most of it will be white, but I’m building some color balls too. I am taking a short break from working on my basket to work on a few more pressing projects. I’ll share them as I finish them. Happy crafting!



Trigger warning. BIG trigger warning. I’m just going to come right out and say it: this was a terrible book and I may never pick up another King novel. It was the first of his work that I have ever read and it might be the last. 

My husband warned me (he read a large portion of King’s work growing up), but with all the hype I thought maybe it would be tolerably good. I haven’t flipped so many pages since Lady Chatterley’s Lover. It was about as vulgar and crass as Lady Chatterley’s Lover too. I don’t know why the man has an obsession with turning everything sexual, but it gets old quick. 

Anyway, I won’t beat a dead horse. I guess his writing just didn’t do it for me and I seem to be one of the few. I was sorely disappointed and the only thing I found terrifying was how much time I spent on it. I will say in closing though; if a King fan ever comes up to me talking about how Poe’s writing lacks suspense, I will probably laugh. 

Staying Inside

We had a cold snap here. To make up for not getting much done outside, I’ve been doing things like brushing up on using a sewing machine and catching up on my letter writing and reading. Okay, I never catch up on reading, but I digress. 

It’s been good to make some progress inside though I find myself thinking of the ground I need to work outside. It’s hard to bundle up and go outside to work when I have the girls and so much inside I need to work on. Most of it isn’t interesting enough for a post, which is why I haven’t written much lately. I have a couple subjects lined up though so please don’t give up on me! Until then find a good book and a cozy spot to make the most of the cold when it comes to where you are. 

Crime and Punishment 

I found Dostoyevsky’s novel oddly fascinating, though a little long. It broaches a wide range of moral and political schools of thought. 

I think the most interesting part of the story is an almost psychological war going on within the main character. He seems to continually force himself to do wrong and yet, when following his first impulse, exhibits a natural disposition to be honorable. He is shown to be charitable and intuitive to the intentions of others. He is certainly an interesting study. 

This is the first book I have read from a Rusian author. The difference between reading something written in English and something written in Rusian, but translated to English, was outstanding. The method of using names in it is the most obvious difference. I really did enjoy reading it. 

Winter Awareness

I was so excited when Travis surprised me with this! I now have a roadside kit complete with emergency vest, flashers, multipurpose tool, a no-battery flash light, and many other helpful items. The Escape is now even better equipped for the cold months. 

With this kit now in the back hatch along with the well-stocked diaper bag and tire pump, I have freed up some space for another addition I made to my preparations. I turned the plastic container that used to house my little homemade roadside kit into a snack bin. Now, I have a nice little catch of food for the girls if we need it. 

I am one of those who plans for needs I never expect to arise. I don’t think we’ll ever be stuck on the side of the road, but I like knowing that we have a few extra things if we need them. 

Plarn Basket 

I am nearing the end of my first plarn ball. It will end somewhere in my eighth round. It has gone a long way! I have another plarn ball made and ready to go. You can see my increases aren’t quite right by the slight ripple throughout it. I increased too much too quickly, but am working on evening things out for the rest. At least this is just a basket for blocks so it won’t be noticeable. I am planning on adding five more rounds before starting up for the sides. Happy crafting!

The Book to Have

I am beyond excited to have this book. My friend gave me a copy because of my interest in gardening. His father was a fantastic organic gardener and back-to-basics enthusiast. He said growing up he remembered his dad using this book as his go-to for most questions, though he had many books to choose from. I can see why; just flipping through it shows a wealth of knowledge on many gardening topics. I’ll try to pass along information as I incorporate it, but if you see a copy somewhere, grab you one!

Adding Area

We have had such nice weather that I was bitten by the spring bug way WAY too early. I’m not in any position to be growing through winter so I can’t plant. I can play in the dirt and dream though! I decided to go ahead and turn more ground under for planting. I figure we can always bring in more cattle tanks to set up later on. For now at least we will have a bigger area to work with. Savannah has even been helping pick up rocks from the new area. Now to decide what all to grow…. 

What Justice?

I’ve tried to be good, but I have to get on my soapbox again. I recently saw an article about the death of Charles Manson. The title spoke of justice being served because he died. What a terrible joke. 

Anyone who has read about Manson knows what an evil man he was. He was living off other people’s money and twisting their minds to perversions, culminating in a series of heinous murders. He was manipulative and an interesting study in psychology, but a waste of funds. Manson died of old age after spending the majority of his life being sustained by our tax dollars. In whose mind is such a death justice for his victims? 

If there was ever an example of someone who needed to be put down soon after his trial, it was Manson. That would have been justice. His victims didn’t receive justice so don’t call it that. 

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