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Bread Trouble

I have tried and tried and tried on my bread, but the middle always ends up with a big air bubble surrounded by a doughy border. The rest is great, but at best I loose a third to half my loaf to it. I am beginning to wonder if I’m still not working enough flour into it due to rushing. It takes a lot longer than the 10 minutes my grandma’s recipe states to bake so this is my best guess. I’m thinking the dough is too heavy and not kneaded properly, which is leading it to bake improperly. Do y’all have any suggestions?


Broccoli Starts

I put out a handful of my broccoli starts last Sunday. They seem to have quit growing inside and the weather has been a bit warmer so I thought transplanting was worth a try. I planted them deep enough to bury some of the spindly stem. 

Since the nights are still too cold for them, I cut the tops off of rinsed bottles from our recycles and push them into the soil over the starts. I also layered some mulch around them to help keep moisture and warmth in the ground around them. When it is warm, I pull the covers off to keep them from getting baked. 

So far they have survived, but I haven’t seen any ratical growth either. If they all survive and thrive, I’ll have to space them out more. Hopefully this change helps them along. 

Baking Away

Between observing the spring Holy Days where I unleaven our home and all of my yeast expiring soon, I decided to forgo buying a loaf to see us through and make bread instead. I should have enough in the works to make one small loaf of white, dinner rolls, and an experimental small honey wheat loaf. I had trouble with one round of yeast; I’m glad I have plenty on hand! I’m still learning with this, which makes the bread’s quality hit and miss. Maybe eventually I’ll turn out a good loaf on a regular basis. 

Extra Greens

I am endlessly excited when I find a way to sneak more nutrients into what Savannah is willing to eat. Like most 3 year olds, she has her picky times. Just because she ate something before doesn’t mean it won’t be a small fight to get her to eat it again. 

I have been known to sneak things into her applesauce (something she likes on a frequent basis) that increase the flavor and nutrients of it. Crushed fruit-flavored daily supplements and powdered probiotics have been going over good. Now I’ve found another one: DōTERRA TerraGreens. It’s a great blend of fruit and vegetable supplements with a tropical flavor. 

I wasn’t sure if she would go for it, but she’s had it a few times this week and has liked it each time! I’ve even given some to Caroline and she’s liked it too. (Of course, she isn’t all that picky right now.) I’m glad that all three of us are enjoying this together. It never hurts to work in some extra good stuff! 

Another Rose Bush

I couldn’t resist; I went back to Grandma’s house for the last rose bush. I transplanted it just as I described last time, except I did prune off the canes before moving it. It made it considerably easier to handle during transport! It was budding when I did this so we will see how it does. 

Soda for Powder

I learned something on making pancakes. I ran out of baking powder recently, but the inevitable request for pancakes came before I could buy any. I knew not to add the same amount of baking soda as I would usually with baking powder. I used half (1 teaspoon), but the pancakes still turned out  tasting strongly of baking soda. This morning I finally made a good batch of pancakes with baking soda. It only took 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda per cup of flour for decent pancakes. I was really surprised it took so little. 


I’ve been spending the little spare time I have crocheting almost constantly. Right now, I am still working on baby sets. 

Some are gifts and the rest are for market next month. The set above went to a baby shower yesterday. I have two more sets to make and I can move on to crocheting toy animals to take to market too. I have a good stock of my essential oil products already made. I may actually have everything ready by the opening day. 

Stand for Gun Rights

I’ve been super busy around the house and will fill y’all in on everything that’s going on, but first….  I usually try to not get real political on here, but I am going there this morning. Many that are familiar with my soapbox posts really should have seen this one coming. 

I am sick and tired of hearing from liberals about how new gun laws will protect children. From “avid hunters” about how they are willing to give up their right to hunt to protect children. How our founding fathers wouldn’t have included the right to bear arms if they were writing it today. It’s everywhere. I’m dodging the debate on Facebook constantly. After reading a letter to the editor of our local newspaper spewing the same unfounded liberal ideas this morning that I’ve been listening to all week, I’d had enough. 

Reality check time. Unless you are currently planning to shoot up a school, giving up your gun or destroying it isn’t going to prevent anything. Guns are power. Our legal right to have guns is about having an equal balance of power between criminals (or government) and the general public, not about getting to shoot a deer. You want to feel better about yourself? Salve your conscience for something you didn’t do? Pick up that gun, log documented training hours with it so school officials will trust your aim. Go stand guard with it. Take shifts with likeminded guardians. Stand strong for gun rights. I guarantee this will do much more towards protecting our children than any legislation. After all, criminals are criminals because they don’t abide by legislation.

Grandma’s Roses

The time is winding down for Grandma’s house to be destroyed per the completion of her life estate. Mr. John Morris, proving yet again what a good and kind man he is, has given us plenty of time to sort through the tons of items Grandma’s house held (she was a bit of a pack rat), but Papa is determined to be finished by the end of February. So Monday, I went with him and Mama to haul a few things. My goal was to dig up some of her roses and jonquils. 

I dug a trench around a rose bush about 8 or 10 inches from the base. It was a large bush so this took awhile, then Papa helped me work under it. Slowly we worked it loose. We tried to keep a good amount of roots intact, but we did have to sever a few. We should have pruned it first; unfortunately neither of us thought of this

.Next, I repeated the process with a little one right next to it. Then Mama and I each dug up some jonquils. (It’s really not the time for this, but we had to wait until they came up to know where they were.) I really wanted some of her iris too. I looked and looked. Papa finally had me check one last place and sure enough, there they were! 

We got back to the farm and I jumped on digging as soon as the girls were asleep in bed for their nap. I didn’t do things as well as I should have because I was racing rain, which had been falling off and on all day. I dug a hole that was mostly large enough for the big bush, though I did end up having to run a few roots along the side. I made a mound in bottom of the hole with some grass and dirt from digging to set the root base on as suggested. I piled dirt in and watered it good. 

As that was setting, I moved on to the smaller bush. After the bigger bush’s water soaked into the shallow trench, I finished replacing dirt. After I was finished with the second bush, I placed a large garden stone Grandma had made in honor of Grandpa after his death. I replanted the jonquils on with side of the stone. 

During all this, a mist had been going off and on and Caroline had woken up. She was playing outside while I worked. We came in as a light shower appeared. I consulted books for rose pruning suggestions. Savannah was still asleep and the rain passed so Caroline and I went back out to finish up. I pruned all the canes back to 8 – 10 inches and cut back completely a few to give better air flow as they grow back. 

I really hope I have done this all well enough for the bush to thrive. I learned when I was reading about pruning that I should have also pruned any damaged roots. I’m probably going to be stressing out about them until I see new growth. If I see new growth. I really hate experimenting with something I care this much about and want to see survive. 

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