There is nothing better than waking up before everyone else at home and getting an early start on the day. This is when I will probably get most of my writing done. Plans for the day have changed slightly. Last night, Papa (my dad) was having issues with the baler so we won’t be hauling hay this morning like we thought. There’s not much to be baled…maybe 200 square bales. Our hay barns are overflowing as it is, but we needed the hayfield cut for my friend’s wedding next month. I had figured on taking Savannah’s pack’n’play out to the hay barn so I could help stack the hay when it was brought in. That’s just how easily one thing can throw things off on a farm.

With my morning suddenly more free, I’m going to finish setting up my blog so I can actually post this later. I may also run to the post office. I have a small gift bundle to send to a friend. She and her husband are expecting their first child. It is always amazing to me how things tend to happen in groups. When Travis and I got married, it seemed like tons of people we knew were getting married too. Then, ever since we found out we were expecting, it has seemed like everyone is either expecting or have had a baby recently. My brother and his wife are even expecting their third child. I wonder if it’s just a perspective change due to the events. You don’t notice how often it goes on until you yourself are going through it.

I’ll be heading into Branson, MO, later with Mama. We are both getting our hair trimmed and doing a little shopping while we are up there. It saves a lot of gas to combine trips. When you’ve lived half an hour or more away from any larger town, it just makes sense and especially when you are adjusting to a new budget! Hopefully, my sister will be able to join us. She lives in Branson so we try to get together when us girls are all free. I sold a calf last week so I have a little extra money, but I’m figuring I’ll save it for our trip to Florida. Most of it is going into savings. I always prefer to have money back just in case it’s needed. I’m not quite a Scrooge but I may be close, ha-ha.

Well, I have a mountain of dishes to wash from cooking several things yesterday and little girl that should be waking up. I had better get to it. Hopefully, the day is productive. It’s certainly beautiful out!