It has certainly cooled off since Friday! I had planned on posting again on Friday, but I had to move up my trip to Branson. It ended up that Papa baled most of the hay that afternoon. As soon as I got home and Savannah fed, I took her out to the barn like I had planned and helped. I came out in time to relieve Mama who had made a couple trips before my brother Chad and I came along. She had gone to Branson separately to be able to get started sooner than I would be able to. She watched our kids at the barn while we got a few loads. I say we like Chad has a frog in his pocket… I mostly drove. Chad was more than capable of loading the little trailer we were using on the four-wheeler. We made a few trips and then our sister Jessica came out. With our hay crew mostly complete, the hauling went pretty quick.

We did take a bit of a break as we were bringing in one of the loads. First, let me explain… The top of the hill that is our hay field is right next to our house and it is (if I remember right) the second highest hill in at least Boone County. Now, as we were hauling, we had seen what Chad stated was a C-130 military plane making a couple passes pretty low over the place. We are in the flight path of the Branson so we thought it was odd but didn’t think much more about it because we had seen heading west to east before. However, while we were out in the field, we could see one doing turns over the big valley down from our holler. Another went overhead as the first one finished its last turn and was heading towards our hill. The first plane was coming right toward us. I’m pretty sure I could see the top of the plane before the pilot pulled the nose up. I don’t know if the pilot had seen us wave at him on one of his passes, but he buzzed us. Or at least that’s what I’d call it! It was amazing because I had never seen one fly that low. If we had thrown a rock, I think we would have hit him. (Not that I would or even suggest going this!) Anyway, that was by far one of the neatest things that happened while we were out hauling hay. I wish I had my camera at the time. We think the pilots were around because of an air show that was going on up in Missouri.

I had hoped to post about it Friday evening, but we finished up with the hay right as the Sabbath was coming upon us with the setting of the sun. I won’t be posting on the Sabbath just so folks know. We celebrated with some pizza my sister-in-law ordered and went to bed full and exhausted. We definitely got a good day’s work in!