Today, I realized that our home is not as clean as I thought it was. I don’t try to keep a pristine house by any means; it does appear lived in. This being said, I thought it was relatively well kept. I’m sure many other mamas have discovered this, but that realization does not change the new horror of it!

Savannah is much more mobile now and I seem to find toys drug to different places. I don’t mind gathering them back into a pile for her through out the day. She likes to play with an old seasoning bottle and empty, big thread spools. They roll good and make interesting sounds as they hit different surfaces. One of the times she was rolling her seasoning bottle, she shoved it right under the couch. Our couch has a skirt so it usually prevents this. I had not realized the other thing it prevented, which was dirt and lint from getting out. Eck!! It was everywhere! Along with a nice layer on Savannah’s slobber covered bottle.

Now, I have a Swifter that I find very handy for sweeping under places like this and I try to remember to get these hard-to-reach places on a regular enough basis. I guess I have been so hurried in my sweepings recently that it had slipped my mind. I believe after my horror at looking under there I won’t ever forget again!

Babies do cause us to take a closer look at our home and even our lives. I keep thinking about these little areas of the house that I am now seeing as dirt traps. I have this urge scrub everything in the house down again to make sure I didn’t absentmindedly miss an area. When we go about something often enough, I think we tend to switch to autopilot like I did on my sweeping. To make sure everything is as it should be for our children, we must snap out of this unobservant state.

It was in this line of thought today that made me think…. Is there anywhere in my life or habits that I need to clean up for my child? Have I been failing to clean under a mental couch? Would I be proud of my daughter for doing everything and thinking everything I do now? I think we would be kidding ourselves if we said we were being the best examples we could be for our children. Many people say that having a child changes a person’s perceptions of the world and life, but how many take that new perspective and do something with it? Thoughts without action are useless just as faith is without good works.

I’ll now be taking a more active role in my cleaning and hopefully in my actions and thoughts toward others. If I clean now, Savannah won’t have to deal with a dirty toy. If I work to set a better example now, Savannah won’t have to know a worse one.