I had been dreading it but it finally happened. Our sweet old bull Curly that we had for so long hurt his hind leg. He had gotten old enough we were worried we would have to replace him soon as it was, but this caused the date to be set for him to be hauled off to sale with the older calves. We sold him this past Wednesday. He fetched a good enough price we think someone may have bought him to put back out to pasture. I hope so because he throws really good calves. They’re usually small with good later gain and fairly nice lines.

Our neighbor has been interested in running some cattle with ours and offered to help us get a new bull for breeding. He and Papa ended up bringing home a beautiful young bull the same day they hauled ours off to the sale barn. It’ll be spring before he’s ready to breed, but that will work perfectly because we want to keep some heifers back from Curly’s last breeding cycle. It’s a good time to increase our herd since the new bull has no relation to the coming calves. I hope I get at least one or two heifers from my three cows.

Anyway, back to the new bull. He was a good price given the current market and even came with papers. He is three-quarters Black Angus. (I recognized the other quarter, but haven’t had enough dealings with the breed to be able to recall it at the moment.) He came from a little family farm so he went from farm to farm without having to go to a sale barn. His owners had been calling him Ellis though Papa first thought they were saying Elvis. We decided we liked Elvis more so that’s what we’re going to call him. He didn’t know his name, which means we don’t have to worry about confusing him.

He spent the first few days in the lot. He’s really friendly and has kind eyes (I’m sure some cattle folks will laugh at me for saying that but it’s true!) and that reassures me that we found a great replacement for Curly. I can’t wait to see what his calves are like! He’s with the herd now. He settled in quickly and seems to be getting along great with the rest. The dreaded event seems to have gone the best it could have.