I’m sorry about my long rant earlier. The government gets under my skin and festers. Ha-ha! This weather we’re having is beautiful! I took our farm dog Mac to get his shots and checkup today along with running some other errands. He was overweight at last year’s checkup so Papa had cut his feeding by about half. It definitely paid off! He was 87lbs last year and 74lbs this year! Now, he is a black lab/retriever mix and is supposed to be stout but not that stout ha-ha. He has good muscle tone from running up and down our steep hills, following Papa as he checks the cattle and what not. It’s quite a relief to know he’s slimed down. Extra weight is so hard on a dog’s joints as it gets older.

It’s always nice to take Mac to town. I am always proud of how well behaved he is. I can take him places off leash with not much trouble (not that we can do this much in town). While I like our blue heeler Raleigh, he is very high energy (as they usually are) and it’s a bit of a chore taking him places. And don’t even think about taking him off leash in general public! He’d be gone at the first sight of bird, tree, dust… Mac on the other hand is laid back and easy to get along with. The major concern I have taking him places is that he’ll wander over to another dog that may not be as friendly as he is. He may be intimidating only to those that don’t know him, but he’s a big push over. The most anyone would have to worry about him around their kids would be bruises from his tail hitting them! It frequently sounds like he’s beating the back of my Escape down when he’s riding in it.

I will say for a 74lb dog, he is scary agile. From a stand, he can jump eye level with me. Granted that doesn’t take all that much since I’m only 5.5, but still for a dog his size it’s impressive. The other thing I find impressive but greatly irritating is that he still finds ways to get those 74lbs into my back and front seats at times while I run into a store he’s not allowed in. I have one of those deals you can put in your vehicle to keep your dog in the back hatch area. He still finds a way around it no matter how tight I install it. Oh well, he doesn’t go off the farm often anyway.

Well, I hope everyone has a great evening! There will be no posts tomorrow because it is a Holy Day. I would have posted this later, but I’m going to see my grandma before getting together with family for supper. Now, I’d better run before I’m late. I really hope everyone is still enjoying the blog!