Please, pardon me as I climb up on my soapbox. I have put it off for as long as I can. I am paying our property taxes. I am rather bitter about this tax so I put it off each year. I know none of us like paying taxes but there are several that I believe are completely ridiculous. Now don’t get me wrong, ask me to contribute to the local firehouse and police funds. Okay. Ask me to contribute to the local school if my child attends. Understandable. I even understand sales tax. It pays for regulating certain business dealings.

Now let us look at some of the ones the government has no right to levy. If I own something and have not borrowed money against it, what is there to tax? How does the government justify this? The government doesn’t own all things in this great nation. We are not renting from them so we owe them no money for what is ours. What is it? Legalized extortion. “You will pay us this much or we will take everything you have and unrightfully sell it all to someone else who will pay us,” they say. Who knew the mob of the ‘20s would be our present day government? This is the same reason an inheritance and gift tax aren’t right. People shouldn’t have to pay a third party for something given to them by another person.

While we are on the subject, did you know there is a barter tax? Stop and think about that. Webster’s Dictionary defines bartering as “to trade by exchanging one commodity for another.” Okay, so one person has two hammers and another person has a box of 100 nails. The person with the nails tells the one with the hammers, “I need a hammer and I’m willing to trade half of my box of nails if you will give me one.” If the person with the hammer agrees to the trade then he is saying he considers the value of the hammer to be equal to that of the 50 nails he will receive. If he does not agree that the values are equal, he either won’t trade or will make a counter offer. This is how bartering works; the values are agreed upon by those participating in the trade, not a third party. Neither party has gained because it’s an exchange of equal value. With a barter tax, the government interferes with this exchange by stepping in and questioning the agreed on value. Keeping with the example, the government may say to the person who received the hammer, “No, that hammer is worth 60 nails.” So the person must pay the government a tax on the 10 nails because that is “income” above the value of what he traded.

It is by this same reason that income tax is wrong. It is wrong down to its very name. A paycheck is not income. It is an exchange of values just as bartering is only with time and money as the commodities. For instance, a person without a job has excess time but no money. A business owner has money but not enough time to see to all the business he must attend to. The business owner comes to the other person and says, “I will pay you this much a day for you handling these business tasks.” If the person agrees that the money is the same value his time, then they have an agreement. The person receiving the pay is not gaining anything but is trading his time for something.

On top of all this frustration I have towards our government for taxing us where no tax is warranted, I am even more frustrated with us as a nation. We complain about the taxes. We talk about how it is not right for them to do this. What do we really do about it though? Nothing! This government only has the power that we allow (supposedly). If we, as a people, really wanted it to stop, it should be stopped. But it takes effort, doesn’t it? And it takes the backbone to not let them guilt us into acceptance. After all, they pay unemployment, food stamps, social security, Medicaid, ObamaCare… They cry that so many people would suffer from it. I know what I’m fixing to say will sound harsh, but cut it all. Please understand that I do believe in charity. I care and put back for my own first and help others where I can second. If each person in the nation is doing this, then we don’t need these government handouts (and yes folks, that is what these are). If we weren’t being over taxed, we could do a better job of it.