I love waking up early, but on washday I always have wait until day breaks to start on the laundry. Clothes don’t dry all that well on a line early in the morning when there is so much moisture in the air. But I try to put the time to good use. Like this morning I was trying to get ahead on my blog writing so I have a couple pieces set back if I am running short on time to right at a later date. Early morning is the best time for me to right because of how quiet it usually is (especially at 4 am!). My being a morning person helps because I wake up fairly quickly (unless I’ve had a long night with Savannah) and all these ideas come to me for what to do that day and what to write about.

There is something of the morning that is always inspiring to me. I don’t know if it’s the promise of what I may accomplish in the coming day or the freshness of the new morning and the beauty of the sunrise. Perhaps it is a combination of it all. Whatever it is, it always adds a little spring in my step and eagerness to my day. Any time do my version of sleeping in (any time after 5:30 or so), I just feel sluggish and groggy. I’m probably just odd though… Okay, I know I’m odd but specifically odd in this case.

My main problem with posting my first blog post of the day is I get sidetracked after I’m done writing and begin on other projects. Then before I know it it’s later in the morning than I had intended to post. Oh well! Better a little late than never, I guess. Maybe that works better for the late risers’ schedules.

Once Travis is off to work, I will begin the wash. I don’t usually like to start wash before he’s up because I just wake him up since our bedroom is right next to the garage where the washer is. I love clothes and especially sheets to be line dried. Not that I have much experience with driers, but the few times I’ve used them the clothes just don’t seem as fresh. I may just be biased though.

I find it funny when I see these “new” ideas to cut energy costs that are just reverting back to the way things used to be done. Such is the case with line drying clothes. I’ve seen space saving, tri-fold stands that are called solar driers. You have your clothes on them with hangers and stand it somewhere they will dry. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a wonderful idea! I have two for drying clothes inside in the winter. It just tickles me that it’s now considered new and trendy to dry clothes without a drier. Who knew we were trendsetters when we were growing up. I only knew what a drier was because of the fact that before we had a washer, we took our clothes to the Laundromat in Harrison. Maybe next we’ll set a trend for hand washing our dishes!