I had intended to post again yesterday, but life happened as they say – haha! Between a fussy baby and housework, the day was suddenly over before I realized what happened. Savannah has two bottom teeth and has been teething since she was about 4 or 5 months old. For the past two or three weeks, her gums have really been bothering her. She hasn’t been sleeping well and is gassy. Thanks to Mother’s Bliss grip water she does get some relief and rest (therefore, I do too somewhat). If all of her teeth are this bad, maybe I should look into just buying a case of it!

Hopefully today will go better and I will have time to post more, but it’s going to be just as busy as yesterday so please forgive me if it doesn’t work out. And just as I am writing, I hear Savannah getting fussy again. I hope to get some quiet time later for a longer post, but until then have a great and safe day!