I apologize for being so busy. It seems like forever since I had time to post. It is only because I am forcing myself to post this quickly that I would remember to at all! Some times are just that hectic, but I will explain more about what’s going on at a later date!

I was on Facebook a while back, which I’ve been trying to cut back on because I think our society shares a little too much on social media. I saw this video aimed at cat owners that showed a person building an elaborate three-tier cat play stand while his cat played with the packaging. The person set it against a wall for use, but the cat didn’t come. It was too busy playing in the now empty box to come and show interest in the new toy. The closing line said something about cat owners knowing about this. It got me thinking how much parents should understand this too.

Personally, I was struck by how familiar this was to me because it’s a lot like Savannah at times. Sure, she likes her true baby toys, but she has a great fondness for things like old and empty seasoning containers and thread spools. When we go to visit Travis’s folks, some of Savannah’s favorite toys are her granny’s vegetable-shaped containers. My mother-in-law said that I have no true reason to buy new toys because of how entertaining everyday items can be to children. I love this thought because of how true it is. This has added to the reason I have a make-do attitude on toys. Yes, Savannah has gotten the occasional new toy, but for the most part her collection consists of second-hand toys and everyday items that have been baby-proofed. I also want to try making some toys such as dolls.

I want to continue this as Savannah gets older and our family grows. I don’t want to just buy her things. I want to find and make low cost toys for her. I want her to learn the self-sacrifice for loved ones of not requiring the latest, most hi-tech toys. I want her to have the ability to make-do and be truly happy with what is provided by the
Father in Heaven. Maybe she’ll also learn that if she wants something special, she can’t just wait around for someone to give it to her. I want her to learn to work and strive for the things she wants in life. Maybe even that she can create what she wants by thinking outside of the box.