I have this ever growing list of books I want to read and I have quite a few books that I have bought over the years intending to read but never had time. I am beginning to work my way through these along with rereading some of my favorites. While I was thinking over what to read first, I thought of something that I have been meaning to do for a long time and now have been working on for about a month. I am reading the Bible all the way through.

While I have studied it a decent portion, I have never read it all the way through. I would start and get sidetracked with another train of thought. However, this time will be different! I am following a “Bible in a Year” plan. I am aiming for reading it more quickly than that because I am allowing more time in the day to read than they count on. I found the plan on a Bible app I have on my iPhone of all things! While I prefer reading my actual Bible, I had gotten the app for times that I loan out my Bible because someone didn’t have one at services with them. It is also handy for when I want to study at odd times. Like when I get up at 4 am or before and want to study but don’t what to wake anyone by turning a light on upstairs. (Of course I could always go to the basement as I am now while I am writing, but the couch upstairs is so much more comfortable for reading!)

The app has been helpful with keeping me on track. I am trying to just make note of subjects I want to come back and go more in-depth on. I may go into these at some point but I won’t right now. The app goes according to the calendar year and gives you a few passages to read in the Old Testament, the “New” Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs (which I love reading over and over again). It would be very manageable to read in a year if that was your goal. Right now I have about two months reading accomplished. I am hoping to keep up with this and finish in less than half the time. We will see if I make it!

Until then, I’m not reading much of anything else. I usually have multiple books going at once but I have put the others on hold mostly because all of my reading time is taken up by my version of the Bible plan. I may have to write about some of my other favorite books in this article before I’m finished with my Bible plan so not to bore you with constant Bible talk. I do have quite a few I could go over with as much as I like to read!