My folk’s condo was just down the hall from ours (in fact my sister and brother each had a condo on our floor too!) and we asked them to watch Savannah one night so we could have supper alone one night. They were happy to do it and we decided to do it Thursday. We had also planned on all of us going to the Gulfarium ( at the same time. We decided we would go to the Gulfarium and then Savannah would ride back to the resort with my folks and we would pick her up at their condo when we got back.

We didn’t show up to the Gulfarium in time to see the dolphin show, but we still got to see them in their tank. The main dolphin tank houses the females and the young and is located as the first thing seen upon entering the place. There are observation holes so the dolphins can be seen while they are swimming. They had a baby this time when we went, which was very neat to see. Next are the smaller fish exhibits. Savannah loved looking at the bigger of these tanks because it houses all kinds of bright tropical fish and a couple small sharks. They are beautiful to watch.

Once you exit the building that houses these tanks, you go outside and to the left is the ray tank. It’s amazing how big some of the stingrays get. Some were probably 4 to 5 foot wide! The handler was out feeding them and answering questions while we were there. We stopped by the turtle tank, but couldn’t really see anything. The seals were next though and they can always be seen swimming around. Then came the penguins and otters. I guess it must have been getting close to feeding time for the otters because they were hanging around the door chattering. There is also a tank of big fish. Some of them looked like catfish.

The next two exhibits I especially like. One is an elevated set of shallow pools that are divided to house things like crabs, sea urchins, and starfish. You aren’t supposed to pick them up out of the water obviously but you can see them up close and even touch them. The wildest thing to me is getting to see the horseshoe crab. It always looks to me like something that you should be seeing in a fossil not first hand. The next other one is the sea lions but we didn’t go to their tank yet because they would have a show in a little. Instead we went on and looked at the other exhibits.

We saw the birds and the lizards. On our way to see the tortoises and crocodiles, Travis and I stopped to try and guess the different animal tracks they have set up as an educational addition. We didn’t do the best but it was fun! They had a good number of young crocodiles and even babies. The babies are really wild looking in my opinion! Anyway, we finished out of trip with watching the sea lion show and visiting the tank with the male dolphins. After a circle through the gift shop, we got Savannah’s stuff switched to Mama and Papa’s car and headed to supper.

We had planned on trying AJ’s on the harbor walk, but after three circles in their parking lot with four other cars, we decided we were too hungry to wait that long and we would go somewhere else. McGuire’s is up just a little from AJ’s and across the road so we decided to do a u-turn and eat there again. Travis was wanting a steak because AJ’s is supposed to have really good ones and I knew McGuire’s had them though I had never ordered one before. McGuire’s certainly delivered! Travis said it was the best steak he’d had in a long time. I got their fish and chips again because they have the best on that front too! We were so full that, though I had thought about ordering desert, there was no way we could hold it. It made for the perfect ending to a wonderful day.