Growing up, my family vacationed in Florida quite a bit and I have a lot of fond memories from these times. Like the last year my brother went with us before he went to college and the time spent with him. However, I won’t go into all these right now. I want to talk about the bond I built with the beach and ocean. It is an odd thing to have such a tie to a place that isn’t home. I have developed a couple places that this is the case and the beach is certainly one of them. I know this because, it doesn’t matter what beach I am on, I have the same awe.

I’m not sure what specifically it is. When I am on a beach, I am at peace. The roar of the ocean drowns out most of the daily noise. The lack of noise makes me feel separated from the world in general, even from other people that are somewhere on the beach. The roar makes the beach the perfect place to meditate and even write. Even most of the things that may distract me are enjoyable. Be it a pelican surprising me by splashing in the water close by or, while I walk, a wave breaking closer to me than expected. I have been on beaches in Florida, South Carolina, and even Ireland and they all have this quiet calm that is refreshing.

Being on a beach also gives me a reality check. I get caught up in my daily life just as everyone else, but I realize just how little my troubles and worries really are in the grand scheme of things. To see this vast body of water before me, to see my footsteps disappear almost as soon as I am gone, makes me think. Why would God bother with concerning Himself with me? I see His blessings everyday in my life and in my family, but what did I ever do to deserve any of it? I strive to be a good person, but I know myself well enough to know how far short I fall. It is only because of God’s faithfulness and love that I am even able to stand on that beach and enjoy that peace. Standing on a beach always reminds of this. That God would create all of this beauty for man and remain faithful in His promises to His children even when we are very much undeserving is a true testament to His goodness and love.