One of the activities put together by the site was a dolphin cruise for those who wanted to go. Travis didn’t want to go and Savannah didn’t need to be out in the cool wet air so I went without them. We had a huge group of over 50 people going. It was a little crazy getting to the dock because of everything going on. The boat we were going out on was AJ’s, which is in the heart of the harbor walk and right in front of the big fish scales. This is important to note because the fishing rodeo in Destin runs the entire month of October, which meant it was just gearing up when we were expecting to go out. On top of that, there was a seafood festival going on that weekend and that made the harbor even more packed. We had to pay to park three blocks away and walk from there. Luckily, we still made it in time to help everyone figure out where we needed to be.

I had been on dolphin cruises before, but never on one of the smaller boats. At first I wasn’t sure how it would be. We all got in and seated. Once everybody was on the captain filled us in on what all we were in for. It was really neat because drinks were free. They handed out glasses for if those wanting water, beer, or wine and cans of soda. They said we didn’t have to stay seated; we were allowed to get up and walk or dance around all we wanted as long as we stayed in the bounds of the boat. They would give us a quick tour of the harbor and then head out to find the dolphins that stay around the harbor all winter.

They took us along one side and pointed out some impressive boats and restaurants we might consider trying. They also pointed out some celebrity houses like Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks. They said one side was referred to as Hollywood row because of all the actors, writers, and singers that own houses there. Some of the houses were absolutely beautiful. Then, we went out to see dolphins.

This was one of many dolphins we saw while out on AJ's SeaQuest sunset dolphin cruise.
This was one of many dolphins we saw while out on AJ’s SeaQuest sunset dolphin cruise.

The amazing thing about dolphins is they respond to people’s cheers even in the wild. They can be drawn close to a boat if the people are close to them and cheer and clap. What I didn’t expect was that our captain would know how to get them to jump for us. I had never been on a small enough boat for it to have the power and speed to do tricks. Our captain would have us spot pods of dolphins for him and direct him to them. Once we were around them, would start call to them and trying to draw them after us. Then, he would speed up and make a stream behind us to cause the dolphins to jump. Once we got to calling, cheering, and clapping too, we got to see a lot of them. We came across one big pod of them that must have followed and jumped by us for a good 5 to 8 minutes at least. It was amazing! After the captain let the kids that wanted to drive the boat.

On our way back, we were encouraged to dance and have some fun. They had been playing dance music the whole trip but now they cranked it up. The captain opened her up and we flew back. We didn’t slow down until we came to the no wake zone entering the little harbor. It was a lot of fun!

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