Yesterday was quite a day and today is just about the same. It started early. Savannah and I had woken up off and on through the real early morning. I did a decent amount of reading due to this. I’m making some real progress on my Bible-in-a-year program. Once Travis was up too I nursed Savannah again and got her back down to sleep. She usually goes to back to sleep and naps until 7 or 8 am depending on how the previous day or night went and depending on what is going on that morning.
After that, I took all of the dirty clothes out to the garage and sorted it. Once I got the first load started, I got ready to tackle my next project: setting up our compost. I’ll go more into this later, so I won’t get into the details right now. This did cause me to need to talk to a friend of mine that I hadn’t had time to visit with recently. The nice thing about being friends with bread vendors is that you never have to worry about getting a hold of them early! I also cleared out the tomato and pepper plants that had withered and died while we were in Florida. I still have one tomato plant, a small pot of sweet basil, and a vine of spinach hanging on so I still have them. Hopefully, I can still get some use out of them. I almost got the first load of clothes hung and the next load on before Savannah woke up. After this, I did a few more things around the house.
At a quarter to 10 am, I headed out to pick my sister up for us to go visit our grandma with Mama and Papa. She is temporarily in a care facility in the edge of Missouri. She is our last living grandparent so I have been trying to go up and see her as often as possible, especially so she can see Savannah. Mama brought her photos from Florida to show Grandma and we filled her in on everything we did while we were there. Grandma had gotten the postcard I had sent her from Destin. I am one of those holdouts that still likes sending them. After we finished visiting, the four of us went out to eat at Diana’s, a great BBQ restaurant. It was Papa’s birthday so Jessica and I picked up the tab. We aren’t big on birthdays, but we do like to get together and eat on them. The person that’s having the birthday usually gets to pick.
After dinner, I dropped Jessica off and ran some errands in Branson.
When I got home, I finished up with the clothes and tided the house up little for this morning. I have a friend that is using our hayfield for her wedding a week from Friday. My sister is a bridesmaid along with another friend of ours so they came out with her to go over some more details and deliver a few things to the place. I now have this constant paranoia because her dress is now in our basement – haha. Next week we will start making decorations!
Needless to say, the day was over before I knew what was happening. We had supper, then walked down and visited with my folks. When we came back up and I got Savannah to sleep, we watched The Walking Dead on the Internet. It was the season premier, of course, so we were excited to watch it. We don’t watch hardly any TV, but we have followed the occasional show online. Needless to say, I’m hoping I get more rest tonight than I did last night with staying up so late! Sadly, by that I mean I stayed up until after 9:30 pm, which is close to unheard of for me.