I’m sure you can tell from how late my post was the other day that it was a nonstop day. After the group of us did the walk through for wedding decorations, I ate and fed Savannah dinner. I gathered our shopping stuff just as quick as I could. I always take my reusable shopping bags and an ice chest when we go. I had taken off our recyclables before we went to Florida or I would have had a load of them to take to town as well.

We finally headed out to do our monthly shopping at about 12:30. I had been trying to adapt to shopping only once a month for a while so I have a routine down. I like budgeting with cash because it is a little more final to go over budget with cash than it is with a card. A card allows money to be used from a different purpose when the money budgeted runs out. With cash, I can see how much I have left and think about how much I need to leave for the occasional oops item or milk money. I always hit two thrift stores in town and then get groceries. There is a wonderful health food store in Harrison that I love going to. It’s called Nature’s Wonders. Not only do they carry organic meats and produce, but they also carry a small locally grown/raised selection, when it is available.

We met up with Travis for supper after he got off work. He’s been having to work late and that night was no different. By the time we got home and unloaded the Escape, we were all ready for bed. Savannah had fallen asleep on the drive and slept right through being put to bed. We went to bed soon after.

Yesterday consisted mostly of me cleaning the kitchen, organizing the groceries, and preparing things to cook. I have gotten a little into the monthly freezer cooking plans where I try to cook a decent amount of our meals once during the month and freeze them for later enjoyment. It helps with the budget because I don’t have to worry about the produce for a meal going bad before I cook it. Meals that are best fresh I plan for the week or shortly after when I do most of the cooking. Meals that are good for freezing I set back for later. I am doing more cooking today, but I think I will mostly be done after today.

I hear Savannah waking up so I better get back to work. Sorry for the hurried post, but I figured that’s the only way I would get anything posted today. We’ll see if I get time to do another later in the day. Here we go again!