I am slowly catching up on things from the Weekend. We spent the weekend in
Vendor, AR visiting Travis’s folks. Then when we got back, it was the usual for getting ready for the week. I have almost finished cleaning my kitchen, but there is still much to do. I’m also dirtying my kitchen again with a new recipe I want to try tonight. I’ll wait to tell you about it until I know how it tastes! So the clothes are washed, supper is set up to cook in a little, the kitchen is kind of clean, and Savannah is down for a nap. With this small break, I thought it would be a good time to write.

I am truly hoping Savannah is going through a growth spurt. She has not been sleeping as well at night the last few nights. In fact, last week was a little rough as far as the household resting has gone. Her usual reasons for not sleeping well through the night is a growth spurt where she needs to eat more often or her teeth bothering her. The growth spurt is usually a short lived reason; it passes quickly and she gets back to resting well. If it’s her teeth, it takes longer. Given how long it has been going on already, I am beginning to think she is going to have even more teeth breaking through. All I know is, if this keeps up, I’m going to be able to join the extra walkers on the Walking Dead because I’m beginning to feel like one! (Speaking of that, Travis and I will watch the newest episode tonight so I’m supper excited to see it! I just have to find some way to stay awake to watch it…)

Well, I’d better run and bring in the clothes before it gets much later. It ended up being so beautiful out today that it hasn’t taken them long at all to dry out on the line. Until later, have a wonderful evening and a great supper!