It has been so busy lately that I haven’t even had time to read the newspaper. I have a small stack to read through and am determined to get through them today. We have a TV and antenna, but I hate getting into the habit of watching it. Anytime I do, I can literally feel my productivity level dropping. Because of this and the fact that I like to read, I prefer to read the paper. If I get interrupted, I can come right back to the spot I stopped.

Every time I read the newspaper or hear the news, I try to look for at least one positive story or part. We can frequently be bogged down in today’s world where it seems like there is nothing but negativity, darkness, and evil. To combat this, I comb the papers looking for the good while staying up to date on everything else. Of course, sometimes the only positive is the comics. The other day when I was reading a paper, Travis came in as I was finishing it. He teased me because I was reading the comics. I told him I always read them last so I can always finish the paper on a lighter note!

Other than that, I have just been doing a few little things around the house. The last two days, I had been working double time getting the house ready for my friend’s wedding. As of yesterday, however, I no longer have to worry about that. It has been moved due to an increasing threat of rain and storms. I now have a lightened schedule and have to reorganize what is still on it. I thought today would be a good day to take it a little easier and reassess the rest of the week.

I did learn an interesting fact yesterday. Mama has a lot more will power than I do. I took Savannah down to visit her and talk about the recent changes to plans. It had been planned that Savannah would spend part of Friday morning with them to free me up to organize wedding details. Anyway, while we were visiting, we had wandered into the kitchen and Mama offered me a mini Milky Way candy. I never turn down chocolate. She said she had them out because they were from the bag she bought last year and she had bought a fresh bag for her cookie jar. She had been interrupted before she could toss them back on top and replace the cookie jar in its usual place. Needless to say, a bag of those would not have lasted that long in my house. I tend to not buy bulk chocolate because I know I’ll just eat it all.