Well, the day of my friend’s wedding is here. Yesterday, we went to the new spot and looked everything over. I think it’ll work just fine! It’s always hard when you change venues on such short notice. We will be doing the bulk of the work today.

On another exciting front, Travis and I are putting in a wood burning stove! We’ve been talking about it for a while and we are finally doing it. Our home was originally my grandparents’ house on Mama’s side. Grandpa built it and even used wood cut and milled on the place. He heated with wood until he couldn’t physically handle it anymore. With this being the case, the chimney was capped and central air was put in. Thankfully, all we have to do now is bring our stove in and call in the chimney sweep to hook it up and ready the chimney.

Of course, that’s all we have left to do because Travis is amazing and already has prepared the place to put the stove. When some renovations were made to the basement, a wall was added closer to the chimney. Travis has laid down patio bricks for the base and applied AirStone half way up the wall. AirStone is a heat-resistant, rock-styled decorative layer that can be added to a normal way to protect it (check it out at Lowe’s!). It looks great! He worked really hard to have it ready so we can hopefully get the stove moved from storage Sunday.

I can’t wait to be able to have a fire. There’s not much more peaceful than sitting next to a fire on a cold evening with a good book and cup of hot tea. Our stove is a double door, front loading one so we’ll be able to open them and enjoy it like an open fireplace when we want. It’ll cut down on our propane heating expense. There is plenty of wood that needs to be cut from trees that fell during a couple past ice storms. We’ll have a good supply of wood for a while just from that.

Anyway, it’s getting later and I have to get a few things done before I head out to help with the wedding. I’d better go get on it! The only thing I’m really worried about is I still have to transport the wedding dress… Being in charge of something that essential worries me as a last minute detail, but it’ll be fine. I’ll just be very, very, very, careful!