After services Sabbath, we came back home and got ready for a hotdog roast that we had invited folks out for. Travis started a fire in our fire pit and got it going good. It was a nice little gathering of 9. It was a lot of fun even though the wind was a little cool. One of our friends, Tom, came to stay the night and next day with us. He had never seen our place before. He got here early enough to see the view and the house and thought both were great. We like to give new comers a small tour of the house when they first come.

Our new wood stove!

Sunday late morning, Travis, Tom, and Papa went to pick up the wood stove. When they got back, our neighbor, Shelby, and a couple friends that were with him helped the guys get the stove off the trailer and into the basement. I wish I had gone down and gotten photos of the process, but I was upstairs feeding Savannah dinner. I took the photo above when I was finally able to come down. It fits perfectly in the area Travis prepared for it. I just love how it looks! We can’t wait to have it cleaned up and connected for use. It’ll be so nice to have a wood stove again. Travis’s brother, Jess, and his girlfriend stopped by for a little to see a couple guns Travis had acquired recently.

After that, Tom cooked an amazing meal for us of his own invention. He insisted on it because he said he really loves to cook. I got to visit with him while he prepared the meal, which was a lot of fun. He has a lot of knowledge. I found out his dad was a huge organic gardener. Though Tom said he got the black thumb of the family while the rest got a green one, he had a lot of tips from things he remembered his dad doing. I can’t wait to try them out next year. I need to write them down…

Before I go, speaking of cooking reminded me! I’ve posted a new weekly recipe. This week is a meatloaf recipe. I use it for both ground beef and ground turkey. It’s the way Mama made hers but the exact measurements varied. I did my best to make up exact ones. Of course, personal preferences can always be easily added on a recipe like this. Measurements can easily be changed and ingredients altered. Enjoy!