While tea has many good qualities, one thing that I think is some times over looked is the soothing and almost healing effect of a cup of hot tea. It is primarily a European tradition of having hot black tea with sugar and cream or milk. If you have not tried it you should! A cup of tea that is prepared like this will relieve stress and sooth emotional trauma. When you are in a stressed and emotional state, you are tense, your circulation is not at it’s best, and your blood sugar may be low (or at least mine usually is because I can’t really eat anything when I feel like this). The tea warms your hands causing blood to circulate through them better. The warmth also causes you to relax more as you drink it and hold the cup. The milk or creamer in it, cools it slightly so you can drink it sooner than you would without it. It also adds a nice creamy taste to the tea. The sugar in it even outs your blood sugar level without requiring you to eat. Black tea also provides a small boost with its low natural levels of caffeine. Many say coffee would have all the same benefits, and it may for some, but I believe coffee has higher levels of caffeine (please correct me if I am wrong). A larger amount of caffeine will take away from the calming effects that you are trying to achieve.

Another good soothing effect that comes with the tea routine is small talk. For example, one day a while back I had a very emotionally trying decision to make concerning a beloved pet. I was at my folks’ place because that is where he was still living. Mama and I were talking my problem over. I had a call in to my veterinarian that I was waiting on. She asked if I wanted a cup of tea. She fixed both of us a hot cup of tea with milk and sugar. We took them in to the living room and sat exchanging small talk about many different things. While it did not take the situation away, it was relaxing to be able to push it aside for a little while and be more composed when the call came.

So next time you are having a trial of some sort, take 15 minutes and have a cup of tea. If you are able to, be sure to have it with a friend. You won’t believe the benefits it will provide.