Yesterday, we didn’t have much going on except work around the house. We had all kinds of clothes to wash. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough sun to dry the clothes on the line and the wind was cool and damp. I ended up only being able to get them half dried outside and hanging them inside on my collapsible drying racks. Hopefully, they dried overnight and I can put them up this morning.

I discovered Savannah’s been up to something. Our kitchen chairs have cloth seats with decorative stitching in checks across it. Today I realized two of the chairs, across the front, have all the stitching that runs horizontal broken. Of course, this is the part of the chair that is furthest under the table. Savannah has been sneaking under the table and chewing on the chair cushions. More specifically, she has been using her two little, sharp bottom teeth, which are the same width as the stitches, to slide under the stitch and work it until it breaks. Then she moves on to the next stitch. I didn’t notice until she was starting to do it on the side. I’m afraid this is a battle that my poor chair cushions aren’t going to survive. I may have to replace them at some point…

Anyway, the only other main accomplishment I made was making up several different batches of baby food. I originally was keeping each food separate, but I am now beginning to experiment with mixing some. I love having a good blender that I can easily make it in. I have two more batches that I am hoping to have time to make today: grapes and sweet potatoes. That will keep Savannah in food for a while. I have also been letting her partake of our meals where it is something that I think she is old enough to have. I’ve let her have some stews and soups that we have had where I can pick some of the stuff out for her. She seems to like the changes. I hear her waking up right now so I better run!