I have to start by telling you about a couple of days ago since I haven’t had time to write. I was sitting at my craft table balancing my checkbook when I thought I heard the chatter of a squirrel. I’m sure this wouldn’t be alarming to most, but most don’t have our blue healer who even chases the turkey vultures circling in the sky (yes, I am serious). A squirrel is unlikely to get within 100 yards of the house much less close enough for me to hear it.

I stuck my head out the door upstairs and callDSC08613 Raleigh. He came up and I put him in the garage since I still had the door shut. Then I ran down to the patio. Sure enough he had treed a red fox squirrel up the support post of our upstairs. It had taken shelter under the floor of our catwalk. I left him alone for a half hour in case he decided to get down on his own. I figured I’d have to run him out. See this happened once before last year. I’m beginning to wonder if it will become a yearly routine.

I went back down with my broom and he was still there. I nudged him a little and he went to the other side of the support beam. We repeated this until he scurried up onto the catwalk. Then I walked up onto the catwalk. I figured I’d have to herd him off. When I got within broom reach of him and tried to herd him, he decided he’d be better off making a run for it. He sailed off the catwalk and landed a few feet from the yard fence. I don’t think I’d ever seen a squirrel move as fast as he did across the field. He never slowed down until he had followed the hayfield fence line down the hill and into some thick brush. It was pretty impressive! I somehow doubt he’ll be back any time soon.

That’s been pretty much the most exciting thing that’s happened. Yesterday, I did some cleaning. I moved a couple shelves around. I took one downstairs to make room upstairs for a wood cook stove that we are hoping to move soon. I’m really looking forward to learning to cook on it! Then in the afternoon, I did some running around in town and got the Escape serviced. I’m hoping to continue the cleaning today and sort through the closet. I’m trying to cut down on some of the clutter before it gets out of control. One of my best friends has told be about these minimalists blogs she has been reading and I am intrigued. I don’t think I’ll ever have as little as the more extreme ones do, but maybe it’ll help me cut down on stuff.

I am really excited though about next month. I just purchased tickets to go see Hamlet performed at the Lyric Theater in Harrison, AR. The play runs from the 19th to the 23rd, I think. I am hoping it’s a traditional performance, but I haven’t been able to find out. If anybody in the area wants to, check it out! http://thelyricharrison.org