With the new month has come the start of a few projects: building the garden, cutting down on unneeded stuff, and setting up the wood stoves. I will get more into building the garden later, but I am really excited about it! Anyway, Thursday I moved a few things to accommodate the wood cook stove we are getting. Well, Sunday, Travis and I went and looked at it. It needs more work done than we had thought, but it should be fine. It needs some brazing done for a part that fell off and some cracks in its oven. Hopefully before long, I’ll be writing articles on wood cooking! Part of why we are so excited to have it (other than self-sufficiency) is because it first belonged to my Great Grandma Stamps, my Grandma Tate’s mother. We want to keep it in use and in the family.

The other thing I started Sunday was cleaning out more unneeded stuff. Travis and I have been looking getting rid of things we don’t need. So, amongst my normal house cleaning that morning, I began working my way through the closet first. I pulled out a bunch of clothes and a couple pairs of shoes I haven’t worn/can’t wear anymore. I still have a portion of it to go through and then I am going to start organizing it. I think we’ll have enough room, we can move in the coats we have down stairs. There are a few items I kept that I may end up giving away next year if I don’t wear them.

Next, I’ll be going through my drawers and my jewelry (which I am dreading). I may end up keeping a decent amount of jewelry that I won’t be able to wear until Savannah gets bigger, but it’s items I can’t bring myself to part with. Besides, jewelry doesn’t take up as much space as some things! Travis will also be sorting through his clothes so I can take them all to the thrift store at once.

Speaking of Savannah getting bigger… It’s so hard to believe how much she has grown. She is 10 months old as of today. She is such as amazing little girl. I can’t believe how blessed we are to have her. But, I had better quit gushing over my daughter and get to work. With the weather being nice again today, there is much I am wanting to get done outside!