There are several things happening on the farm. A long expected calf was born Sabbath and we were very thankful for that. We have been keeping a close eye and an extra prayer for it because Papa has seen signs of hogs back on our place again. The wild hogs (not to be confused with native razorbacks) are real destructive pests around here. Not only have they torn up some of our land, but also this last year they killed two of my calves. Hopefully, our good neighbor will hold some more hunts for them and get rid of some more. We have let him hold hunts on our property for them, too. Other than that, our land is a hunt free zone usually. Not that we have anything against it! We have just preferred to be a bit of a reprieve to the local deer and turkeys. It helps keep the local population up.

Yesterday, I pruned the walnut trees that are along our front fence. They aren’t very old so some of their smaller branches are down where it makes it harder for Travis to mow under them. This is the first year that I have pruned them. I think I’ve shaped them properly. There was a little sap in the bigger ones I took off so I should have waited a little longer, but it’s done now. Hopefully, they will be fine.

Travis and I are planning on getting a cattle tank in this month to begin our garden. Papa surprised me by giving me two old tanks of his that he isn’t using, so I will be able to get to work setting them up. I am hoping to get some work done on them while the weather is nice today. I don’t want to waste any of the pretty weather before the cold sets in and the ground freezes. I am only concerned about that because I will be digging for a foundation for a latticework backing for my tomato and other vines to climb. I can’t wait to get started!!