Well, it is official!! I have broke ground for our garden. I can’t wait to see it once we get it fully built. It will probably be several years before it reaches full size though. We are starting at one corner and increasing it, as we are able. We will start with three cattle tanks I think. I’m making a latticework frame behind the ones that will become the perimeter of the garden. It’s hard to explain, but I’ll take a picture once it’s up. I may even do an article on how I made it. That means I need to remember and take pictures! I am bad about forgetting about that as I am working on something. I’ll try to get better though!

Anyway, yesterday didn’t have much going on other than me doing some extra planning on the garden. I’m working on a grid floor plan of the full garden to help us work towards what I’d like it to be once it’s done. I figure it’s easier to work on and add to something when we have something specific to work towards. I also measured the space we are putting it again and set bricks into the ground for where the other three corners will be. Then, I started digging the trench for the foundation of the frame on the fourth corner. I thought it best to start in a corner so it would help support itself.

The one disappointment for the day was when Travis talked with the folks we were going to have do the brazing work on the cook stove. It can be patched together for a decorative piece, but it won’t be sound for use. So we are back at square one on that, but we may end up finding another to use. It won’t have the sentimental aspect, but these things happen when something is that old. If we have to buy a new one, at least we will know it’s safe. I was happy to see that wood cook stoves are actually still made. I was a little concerned about that when we first learned it wouldn’t fix.

It is supposed to be nice again today so I am hoping I’ll be able to make some real headway on the digging. It usually depends on how demanding Savannah is. Maybe, I can sneak out and work on it early this morning after it finally gets light out…