Have you ever had those moments?  I seem to be having those more often recently! Let me tell you about today’s moment.

We had a bit of crystalized honey left in one bottle that I wanted to use up. So I did the usual drop a couple of used jar flats in the bottom of a sauce pan with water. Turn the oven on and heat the water. Drop the bottle in to heat the honey back into liquid. This is where I had the moment. The water was hot, but I didn’t turn my burner off before I put the bottle in. This wouldn’t have been that big of a problem if the bottle hadn’t fallen over after I put it in. I went on cooking pancakes for breakfast. I looked over after a little to see the cap of the bottle beginning to form around the rim of the pan. Not only did I turn the honey to liquid, I was trying to turn the cap to liquid too. Needless to say the cap is no longer usable. Next time I will be sure to pay closer attention!