Some days just don’t turn out like we plan them. Yesterday was one of those days. We had someone out to look at our chimney and we may have to do more work on it than we had planned. We will have to wait and see. We also have a big wood cook stove on the patio that we had looked over and it needs more work too. We don’t know yet if it is even fixable. I didn’t get the time to work at all on the garden, which was another big disappointment. This was partly due to the fact that Savannah was fussy and clingy most of the day. That makes for a long day by itself, without any of the other things that went wrong.

But, as Papa says, the Father knows us well and won’t give us anything we can’t manage. He also usually follows that comment up with that at times he at times wishes the Father didn’t know him so well – haha. It is up to us to find the way to deal with what things are difficult. If yesterday was a test for how I handle things, I probably got nothing over a D. I’ll try to do better next time. I have a standard way for handling days like it; I make myself take inventory. So today, I am taking inventory to make up for yesterday since I didn’t do it then.

What I mean by taking inventory is I take a step back and take a true look at my life and what I have. I have a loving, faithful husband and a beautiful, healthy daughter. We live away from general society where we can have peace and security. We own our own home and enough property to have a big garden (once it is built). We live on the edge of my folks’ farm and have a few cows in the herd. We are healthy and don’t want for any necessities. What do I have to complain about?

The truth is I have no cause to let disappointing days like yesterday bother me. I don’t always do well at remembering this, but I need to. There are many folks out there that would like just one thing that I have been blessed with. What right do I have to forget all those blessings and bicker about not getting the stove I want as soon as I want it?

Today is a day to move forward with a positive attitude. The only person that can ruin my day is myself. I can’t choose everything that happens, but I can choose the attitude that I have towards the situations I find myself in. Each day I can choose to remember the blessings I have and to approach the day positively. I will finish with a quote I like. I listen to a country radio morning show (The Bobby Bones Show) out of Nashville, TN at times and I always like something the host frequently says. He says everyday has the potential of being a good day; we just have to believe that it will be. When we wake up, we need to say “today is going to be a good day.” (