Yesterday, we had two heifers added to the farm. Our neighbor wanted have a couple cows. With cows being a herd animal, having two by themselves isn’t a good idea and is a lot of trouble. This being the case, we welcomed him to add the ones he wanted to our herd. We have been wanting to increase our little herd to put the land to better use.

So, he brought two heifers from up north. They are about 9 months old I think and are real pretty. One is a Charolais mix (I’m trying to not hold that against her – haha) and the looks like she has some Hereford. Shelby (our neighbor) said they were supposed to have some milk cow in them too. Jersey in one and Holstein in the other. I personally of milk cows love Jerseys so it warmed my heart a little to have one on the place, even if it is just a mix.

They were in a small pen when he picked them up and hadn’t been around people much so they are a little flighty. I teased him that they certainly looked like Charolais after he put them in our lot. They were pacing and running around the fence with their head up, acting a little crazy like a cornered deer. Once they gentle down, they’ll make real pretty mamas though.

They will probably be in the lot for a while. I don’t know how long it’ll take for Papa to gentle them and get them used to being around people. Once they do, they will be added with our others. They at least have some company nearby. Our new bull Elvis and three cows that either have a calf or will have are in the pasture next to the lot. The lot adjoins our yard so I’ll have to keep an eye on Raleigh. I don’t want him out tormenting them. He can’t reach them, but he could sure stir them up good.