I am doing some research on a pesticide Travis and I had gotten into a discussion on. While I may share the results with you at some point, right now I want to talk about something I read and grow tired of. I know I must be guilty of it too at times. A lot of the time, what irritates us about others is noticed quickly because we are guilty of it ourselves and don’t like it.

I came across someone asking for advice on whether or not they should use this pesticide. Amongst all the comments came this one:

“We don’t use any poisons! Look up the ingredients, it’s man made un-natural poisons! If you’re into a quick fix and don’t care about risk, go for it, but we will not use poisons around us, our animals, our food, or our children. …”

Ah yes, there it is. That unreasonable dedication to a personal decision and the immediate snide assumption of another’s motives. Now, the pesticide is controversial and, with my current opinion, I personally would not use it. Let us really consider the person asking the question though. If someone is taking the time to go to an online forum to ask if it is safe and what people’s experience is with it, there is obviously some concern already. He or she has heard mixed reviews and isn’t sure what to do. If the person didn’t care about the health of their animals and family, then the question wouldn’t have been posted. Verbally jumping on the person is not being helpful. It doesn’t increase the person’s knowledge of the risks or sway the opinion of others who have commented positively towards its use.

What would have been a good approach? If the person knows as much about the ingredients of the pesticide as he/she is acting like, list the ingredients or even the worst offenders. List the risks or even possible risks of each one that is of concern. Or even a link to a website that discusses the risks of such ingredients.

As we interact with other people in person and on the internet, let’s think things through and temper our initial reactions where need be. If we don’t, we might end up looking like a jack……donkey. You know what I mean. Be reasonable and think over all of the possibilities of the other person’s position and motives. Lastly, let us remember: A closed mouth collects no foot. You don’t always have to respond to someone you don’t agree with.