I didn’t get nearly everything I wanted to accomplish yesterday done. I did get a start on going through my clothes drawers. I also tidied up the basement. That’s where we store all of our extra baby stuff. I’ll be going through it soon and bringing up the 9-12 month clothes for Savannah. She is out growing her 6-9 month things. She usually out grows the length before the rest and it happened again this time.

Since we were a little lazy yesterday, I’ll be making up for it today. I have a good sized list of things to do and have a decent start on them. I would have had a better start but it was a long night so I got a later start than usual. Meaning we didn’t get up until after 6 am. I know…. So lazy haha.

I hate to keep this post so short, but I have a phone call to make, a load to hang out, more clothes to wash and a kitchen to clean amongst other things. Luckily, I got most of my other writing done for the day as long as I don’t forget to post them. At least the storms finished last night. I think I’ll be able to hang the clothes outside today. Even at a cooler temperature, the clothes dry better outside than in.