The past two days were busy, but very enjoyable. We got ready for services earlier on Sabbath than usual. The three of us went to visit Grandma with Papa. We rode up together and chatted with her for a while. She is always happy to see us and especially Savannah. I am thinking about seeing what other day Savannah and I could ride up with Papa so we could easily visit her more often.

After that, we ate at Danna’s BBQ. It was Travis’s first time so he now knows why we always rave about it being the only local BBQ place to go to. Then we headed to Harrison for services. My brother Chad had the sermon and spoke on building spiritual muscle. We came back home and relaxed for the rest of the evening. That was good because that night was really long.

Savannah’s top teeth that are breaking through started giving her fits and she started running a slight fever. She woke up some time around 2 and I tried to nurse her back to sleep. For the next three hours, she would fall asleep just to wake back up as soon as I laid her down. The fever made her very restless and she couldn’t seem to get comfortable. The only reprieve really was when I held her and rocked in one of our rocking chairs in the living room. It was closing on 5 when I finally got her to stay asleep while I stretched out with her on the couch. I finally got to doze for an hour or so.

We worked on the garden like planned and made some good progress. I’m hoping to do a few more small things over the coming week, but it’ll be a few days for the concrete to be ready to continue a lot of it. Savannah rested better last night, but still woke up earlier than usual. I need to get her back down for a nap. She’s really fighting it though so we shall see how well that works. Anyway, I’ve got a lot to do today. Best get on it!