I apologize for the lack of posts yesterday! Night before last was extremely long because Savannah never truly settled down and stayed asleep until sometime close to 2 am. Since we usually are in bed by no later than 9, it is needless to say I was a bit of a zombie yesterday. Savannah was still fussy. Most of the first half of the day was spent tending to her. We did have the gentleman who cleans Mama and Papa’s chimney out in the morning to measure for hooking up our stove downstairs. We decided to just have a cook stove on the patio at some point because having one upstairs would require us to build it a separate chimney. In case y’all ever need to know, it’s against fire code to have two stoves on the same chimney. I didn’t know that! After Friday, we should be set and ready if we need back up heat over the winter.

Not much else went on. I set up some plastic fence posts around the garden. Papa is letting me use his solar electric fence around it until we get it fully built. I did track down a couple things to help Savannah’s teething. Mama told me to steep whole cloves and rub it on Savannah’s gums to help numb them. It seems to really help! Her fever did finally break yesterday afternoon, which was an answer to many prayers. She rested a lot better last night because of it. I also tried a recipe off of Pinterest for teething biscuits. They are really easy to make and Savannah seems to like them. I’m still a little paranoid about giving her something that big to chew on, but she is figuring out how to eat it. Other than that, the three of us spent a relaxing evening in the living room. Travis and I played with Savannah and then read while she played in her bouncer.

Since yesterday I mostly caught up on rest, today I am trying to catch up on cleaning. There’s a chance of rain today so it’s a good day to get stuff done inside. I don’t have to feel bad about not working outside as much. I will also try to sit down and do some writing. It’s hard to find time to write through the day though. That’s why I try to do most of my writing in the morning before Savannah gets up for the day.