We have made the first full step towards having our own garden! Sunday, we (okay, Travis) poured the concrete for our garden fence foundation. We tag teamed digging and removing dirt from the second trench. We made it the same size as the first one: 8 ½ feet long, 10 inches deep and 4-5 inches wide. Travis dug with a pick and I scooped dirt out with a small shovel. It went a lot quicker than when I was working alone.

DSC08619Once it was deep enough and I was working on moving the last of the dirt, Travis started arranging the bricks a foot apart along the bottom. I had thought about turning them sideways to the trench to give the frames a wider foot, but would have made it too difficult so we just put them length ways. Travis also started driving the rebar in the holes of the bricks for extra reinforcement.

I didn’t want the dirt on the sides that was tossed out by Travis’s digging to be lost to us walking or under the tanks. I figured it would be a little less dirt that we wouldn’t have to buy DSC08621for the tanks once we got them set up. While Travis was mixing and starting to pour the concrete, I tried to scoop up as much of the dirt as possible with my shovel and put it in a wheel barrel that we borrowed from Mama and Papa. I keep meaning to get us one, but always forget when I’m somewhere that sells them.

It’s a good start. Travis did a great job leveling it. It doesn’t look like much now, but I think it’ll be really pretty when we get it done. Next, I’ll make two latticework walls for the corner. We will paint them and anchor them to the foundations. Then we’ll be able to move the tanks into position and set them up. I need to put in an order for our seeds. I want to have them in advance. We are going to order heirloom seeds from a local farm in Missouri that my friend Teresa told me about. I am so excited to be able to plant next year!