I spent yesterday cleaning and continued it today. It was nicer outside but the wind was still a little cool. Speaking of the wind, it was crazy last night! We don’t have any trees close to us so the house bares the brunt of wind gusts. The main down side to how bad the wind was last night was it made Savannah extremely restless. That made for a long night, but we did finally get some rest.

Yesterday, I started the task of bringing up Savannah’s next size clothes and putting away the others. I ended up having to wash a load of her clothes. I didn’t plan on this, but it does let me take the box of her last size on downstairs with some other things for storage. This then lead into me reorganizing Savannah’s room and the living room with her toys and storage. I think it made the upstairs look a lot better. Things are tidied up nicely. Now, I just have to do a lot of work on my craft area. It’s gotten to be an eye sore. Though, part of that is because I have a few projects laid out that I haven’t had time to work on due to the cleaning and reorganizing. I may do a little work on that tomorrow.

With doing my Off Grid posts on disaster preparedness, I now have the urge to start working on it again. One thing at a time though. I need to finish with the projects I’ve started with before I move on to another. That frequently gets to be my problem! Too many projects at once and not enough time to work on them all.