After relaying that two-part article that was in the newspaper, I wanted to expound on his tips a little. Some of it will require a little more time and effort. I know he was aiming them towards people who aren’t interested in doing anything extensive. I like to be a little more involved in things so I want to throw a few more things in to consider. To start off, let us look at some of those tips he gave again.

Tip 1: Purchase a notebook for accumulating information, phone numbers, insurance policies, and the like for a reference in case of emergency. Either that or store your information “on the cloud” and you can access it from any computer. Just remember in a disaster, you may not be able to get online.

Tip 4: Discuss with the rest of the family where you will meet up after a disaster. Pick three or four locations and play “what if.” Cell phones may not be working and communication can be limited and getting re-connected with loved ones is vital after a disaster.

Tip 5: Choose an out-of-state relative with whom you can relay messages if necessary. Often it is easier to get a message out-of-state than it is to get connected locally.

Tip 13: Make a list of all prescription medications, including dosages. Keep the list in your wallet or purse and a copy in your emergency kit.

Tip 15: Write down your insurance policy numbers and your agent’s phone number. Also place them in your wallet or purse and a copy in your emergency kit.

Starting with tips 1, 13, and 15, it is a great idea to have all this information and is even better in my opinion to have it all in one place. Keep make extra copies for your emergency kits. Maybe even have a list per family member for things directly related to him or her. I even think that it couldn’t hurt to have a digital copy stored possibly on a flash drive elsewhere. I do draw the line at using the cloud however. You will hear me preach about this often I am afraid, but the cloud is the worst idea ever. One hack and everyone’s information is up for grabs. It is always spoken of that the system has so many firewalls and other security features. I don’t’ care. Personally, I don’t trust it as far as I can throw it. For every computer that is made “smarter” or more secure, there are hackers that are better. And besides my little rant, as he says you don’t want to have to rely on the Internet much less electricity.

Part of the reason I think each person should have his or her own list is because I always am concerned with people being apart when things go wrong. How will the family get back together? With having a kid, I can’t help but think that I would want my child to have emergency information in case we somehow got separated. I would want her to be able to know where to find or how to get a message to me or other family. It is scary to think of as a parent, but I would rather her have contact information and be prepared to get there on her own just in case. As long as the child isn’t frightened by it, there is no such thing as over-prepared for a disaster.

Another list that you might consider having on hand is one of last minute items you would want to grab if you had to leave in a hurry. If you have these things thought through and picked out in advance, you won’t be running around the house wondering what to get. For example, my list includes things like the camera, Savannah’s town bag and food, and my Bible, wallet, and little 38 Smith & Westin. Keep the list with your others where you can easily consult it if needed.

These are all tips having to do with having an action plan and information gathered in an easy to use place. While it is good to have these, what I really want to do is put together something similar to what my friend Teresa has done. I want a disaster preparedness binder with family plans. I will probably need to do a post just about what I am planning to include in it. Needless to say, it’ll include everything that these tips suggest and then some. I then want to have event-specific packets and special ones for each family member. But then, I am a little overzealous on the planning and preparing side of things…