I posted two recipes together this week because they went well together as a meal this past month. They also worked well as freezer meals. Since it’s just the two of us eating, I knew we wouldn’t eat all of the meal so I put a portion of the casserole in a foil-baking pan. I kept it on one half side and made a foil divider, then froze it. The next day, I took the left over chicken and sauce and put it in the empty half. I took a piece of aluminum foil that was large enough to make a lid and wrote the date, the names of the recipes, and directions for cooking it. Then, I set it back in the freezer for next time.

Now, of course you have to be careful when freezing foods. You need to know if and how long foods are safe when frozen. I don’t know enough about specific guidelines to say so please do your research before trying anything. We all have our own comfort levels on what we are willing to eat or not. I will only recount what I did and survived – haha. A lot of the recipes I make, I will set half aside and freeze to use as a meal the next week or two. A lot of foods when freshly made are good to freeze for up to a month from what I have seen. But again don’t take my word for it; research it for yourself. A good resource is the Ball Canning book. It has a section on storing cooked foods in the freezer.