The weekend was fun. My father-in-law’s birthday is this week and they had a gathering for it Saturday night. There was lots of food and fun. By the way, if you are looking for a new fun group game, check out Apples to Apples! I got to play it for the first time after hearing about it quite a bit and now I’m thinking of getting us a set. (Not that we don’t have plenty of games though; we barely have room for all of them.) Sadly, I gave out by 7 and took Savannah to the house for her to wind down in the quiet before we went to bed.

Now, it’s back to the usual work. I realized when I was thinking of putting off my monthly grocery shopping another week so we could finish clearing out the freezer of the meals I cooked last that it really wouldn’t be a good idea. It all of a sudden hit me that next week would be the week of Thanksgiving and the stores would be crazy busy. So I’ll be sitting down in a little to look at the recipes I want to make in the next month of time.

I hope I am not repeating myself, but I really do like the way I have started handling the family’s meal planning. I think it’ll also really help when Savannah gets bigger and we have events and activities to go to. I make a list of big meals that will make up the biggest part of our eating. Then, I add little things to supplement the big meals such as favorite chili, soups, or pastas that are easy to fix if we need something quick.

I keep a monthly grocery list on the fridge and add basic necessity items to it up until the shopping trip. I figure out what ingredients I need for the big recipes and add them to the grocery list. I then add the things I need for the quick meals and little snacks. I try to not buy sweets because we don’t need them. If I want to take a desert to church services, I make it. I know if I stock up on cookies, more then likely I’ll be getting into them. I try to keep a limit on impulse buys, such as one or two.

Another thing that helps me is that I organize my grocery list. I know what I buy where so I have a list for each place I shop at. I even have a look for list for items I haven’t bought before and am not sure where to find it. I have found items at places I didn’t expect such as organic baby food at Big Lots. I prefer to make Savannah’s food but I also want her to have a varied diet so she gets the nutrients she needs. Because of the somewhat limited nature of fresh produce, especially in winter, I like to pick up a few things such as mixtures with asparugus, butternut squash, strawberries and purple carrots among other things. (I also like having some back in case of an emergency.) Now that she is getting older, I don’t have to worry about it as much because she can eat more of what we are having.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. Keeping most of my grocery shopping to once a month helps be keep a tighter budget. I’ll go get to work on the last of my list so I can shop at some point this week and hopefully avoid the holiday rush! I am really looking forward to the holiday though. My cousins from Little Rock will be up. It will be the first time they have gotten to meet Savannah so I am very excited.