I am being careful because there are several issues all at once that I would like to jump on. However, I know you all probably get pounded enough with opinions on a regular basis that you don’t need me dumping a lot on you. For the most part, I prefer to live and let live. I don’t like to meddle in other people’s business. If your life doesn’t have an impact on mine, then live it as you see fit. (Do understand the consequences for living that life, though, and don’t ask if you don’t want my opinion.) A lot of things are covered by this. However, I do draw a line. There is a point where tolerance turns to ignorance and a lot of people are crossing it. I will only get into three areas of ignorance today.

The first is gun control. I can tolerate pacifists who are not willing to own a gun. It is a personal choice. What we shouldn’t tolerate: people who want to take guns from those of us that choose to exercise the right. Liberals would have the general public believe that if no one was allowed to have guns (meaning everyone except for who they think should have guns by the way), then there would be less violence. This is where ignorance comes in. Violence isn’t a gun problem; it is a human problem. Meaning as long as there are humans there will be violence. Take guns away from law-abiding citizens and guess who still has them. That’s right… The criminals that were already causing the problem. And who will protect us? The government? Please, we can’t trust them to protect us while we are armed. That’s even before we begin to discuss the chance of us needing to protect ourselves from the government, which is becoming more tyrannical as we speak.

The second thing is gay marriage. There, I said it. Now let the name calling begin… Before you form a lynch mob, let me explain. I am not discussing this on a moral level, but a legal. I am not wanting to discuss the fact that I don’t agree with the lifestyle; I am wanting to discuss the impact of it on our legal system. The thing people don’t think about when changing a long standing law due to someone’s feelings is how this will impact other definitions. Did you know that a major voice in the movement to validate gay marriage as a nation is the pedophilia civil rights groups? Yes, there are actually groups devoted to the rights of child molesters to carry on their “relationships.” Gay marriage was a legal foot in the door. Now that it has changed the relationship definition, it is open to further speculation. The thought process is that pedophiles are like homosexuals in that they cannot help their sexual preference. There has already been people voicing the opinion that such relationships are actually good for children since at least the mid-1990s. With the national changes to legally recognized relationships, the cry will slowly build for the tolerance of pedophiles who “can’t help the attraction” and their “right to pursue a relationship.” As a parent, I am appalled by this consideration. It is ignorant to change laws that uphold such essential definitions all for the sake of catering to someone’s feelings.

Speaking of catering to someone’s feelings, here is the third. Obama’s hair-brained idea that we need to take in half of the Syrian population is a further example of tolerance past the point of ignorance. We can’t take care of our veterans. There is a shortage of foster homes for American children in need. Our nation is pretty much owned by China because of how far in debt we are and there seems to be no end to the entitlements Obama’s administration is promoting. (And don’t even get me started on entitlements.) How does he suggest we provide for them? Don’t get me wrong, I think their situation is terrible. We have enough people leaching off this government without enabling others. They don’t need to run. They need to stay close to their home land, reorganize with allies and take their nation back. And don’t hand me this “oh they’re all widows and orphans” stuff. I’ve heard the statistics; over half of them are mid-twenties males that are fleeing the country. Our men and women are dying for these people. Provide them with support, but don’t fight their fight for them. That will only make them weaker to the opposition.

Speaking of the opposition, let’s call it for what it is, Mr. President. The Islamic State is a Muslim religious power and they are drawing in more and more Muslims. By the way, their main recruits are mid-twenties males. And as we recently witnessed in Paris, some have posed as Syrian refugees to get into other nations.

I am not trying to be hateful, I am being realistic. Liberals like to live in their own world where facts and statistics either don’t matter or only matter when they are in agreement with the liberal and socialist agendas. Liberals today don’t seem content with just crossing the line between tolerance and ignorance. They are determined to drive everyone in the nation over it with them. Conservative thought is under fire and we must fight back before liberals cause the down fall of our nation. Now is the time to call their ignorance for what it is because it isn’t tolerant and it isn’t helpful. But hey, this is just one person’s opinion.