What a weekend! Friday evening, Papa, Travis, my sister Jessica, Savannah and I ate supper in Harrison at a locally owned bakery and restaurant named Neighbor’s Mill. We don’t get to go there often, but it is always good. Then, Travis took Savannah home and the rest of us met up with my brother Chad at the Lyric Theater downtown. It is a historic theater that has been renovated to its original glory. We have gone to many plays and concerts there. Our family used to volunteer there and host classic movie showings while I was in high school. Anyway, we were there to see a production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The directors did an amazing job and the cast was brilliant. I could give a list of my favorites for the evening, but that would take a long time. There is not much more captivating than a well performed Shakespearian play. The audience gave a standing ovation at the end and it was well deserved. If you ever have the chance to go see a classic production of it, do go.

Travis and I took Savannah to her first gun show. There was one in Harrison at the fairgrounds. We kept getting compliments for starting her out right. I only saw one other stroller there. I guess we’re just odd (not that we didn’t already know that!). Travis got me a thigh holster that I kept looking at. I’m really excited to try it out. I think it’ll be perfect for hiking. We also stopped by JoLyn, my sister-in-law, and Chad’s house to see their new addition, Samuel. He was born Thursday. He’s adorable! Not that I’m biased, of course – haha.

Our friend Tom came over yesterday afternoon and helped Travis build a work bench. Tom is going to loan us some reloading equipment and show Travis how it’s done. While we were getting the materials for the bench, we also picked up boards for the garden’s perimeter. I’m hoping to get them together before the end of the week, but if Savannah is as fussy as she was this weekend it may be doubtful. At least, I can leave the boards on the patio in case the weather turns bad and still work on it! Now on to the normal Monday cleaning… Hopefully, it’ll go quick!