Not much went on yesterday. I reorganized the baby stuff we have stored downstairs to open up space for the new gun safe we have ordered. While I was down there, I got out two hats I’m planning on giving away. I also organized some projects in my craft area. With the nights getting cold, I grabbed some loose hay while I was feeding animals to add to Raleigh’s dog house.

Part of why I didn’t get as much work done was because I did some extra playing with Savannah. While I was writing in her baby book, I flipped through it and looked at the first pictures we have of her. It struck me just how much she is changing. I realized that I don’t spend enough time playing with her and watching each new development as she grows up. I get sidetracked by trying to make things ready for times to come like being ready to plant our garden in the spring; I don’t spend enough time enjoying how it is now. I am constantly reminded when I look at her that this is the true reason I quit my job. My real job is to raise her.

I can’t believe she’ll be eleven months tomorrow. Time is speeding right along and she is getting so big. Yesterday evening, she was sitting in the floor flipping through a cloth ocean book her Granny gave her. I couldn’t help but think about how she’ll be learning to read before I know it. She is also getting braver with letting things go to stand and move on her own so soon she’ll be walking. It’s crazy to think about.

But I’d better stop gushing about her and get some other things done while she’s asleep so I’ll be free when she wakes up. At least it’s stopped raining and even let the sun shine through a little this morning so I won’t get soggy when I go outside!