I started work on one of my projects yesterday. I am making us our own version of those big six or more photo frames for family photos. I am using a frame and poster that I gave my grandpa when I was younger. I’ve cut a piece of white poster board to fit in front of the existing poster. The poster will be the cardboard backing to hold it in place.

I am using photos from a family session we had in Florida. It was Mama’s gift to all of us: a photo session on the beach. There were some taken with the entire group and then with individual families. I picked out some of my favorites to print and then narrowed my selection to what would fit and look complete. I went online and found a free roughly 4 by 6 photo border. I had to resize it a little in a word document on the computer before I printed off six copies. I knew how many I would need because I had already laid out photos and decided on the number and positioning of photos.

Now that I have the borders printed off, I will work on them. They are black, but I want to add a little color to the portrait. I have an idea of how to do it but it’s hard to explain without showing you. I’m hoping it will work, but we shall see. I saved the resizing of the border in case it doesn’t and I have to start over. I’ll have to take a picture of it when I am done to show you how it looks.