DSC08662If you were wondering why I hadn’t written in a little while, he would be the reason. This is Rosco Dixon, our new puppy. Travis really liked Rosco and I really liked Dixon so we decided to use both. He is pretty much a mutt. His dad is a mix of Rottweiler and blue heeler and his mom is a Australian shepherd. Certainly not a bad mix! He’s about 8 weeks old.

My sister took him in planning to share ownership with her roommate. After they had him a few days, the roommate backed out. Dixon was also a little too loud for apartment living. So Jessica enlisted my help with finding him a home because of all the folks I know who own dogs. Travis and I talked and decided to take him in. Jessica is helping with some of his expenses like vet bills to help with the unexpectedness of the new addition.

Jessica brought him out Thursday and helped get him settled in. He’s staying inside until the winter passes. We want him to be a little bigger before he stays outside. It’ll also be warmer for him. He likes playing with Raleigh our 3 year old blue heeler. He also likes running after Mac, the retriever/lab mix that Papa and I share ownership of. The difference is that Mac is about 8 or 9 and isn’t much interested in playing with him, but he doesn’t mind him too much.

Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to spare outside of juggling him and Savannah in the house. We are slowly working out a system. I try to have only one in the floor at a time except for a couple times a day. It’s less stress on me that way. Of course, now I have the urge to mop my floor three times a day. Savannah is learning to play tug-a-war with him, which is really cute.

It’s a lot of work and makes for a long day and fairly long night, but with as quick as puppies grow, we should make it just fine. As he gets bigger, I’ll start putting him outside more often throughout the day to get him and Raleigh accustomed to it. He’s definitely keeping things interesting!