“Savannah, don’t bite Dixon!” I never thought I would be saying that.

Of all the issues I figured I would be dealing with while having a puppy and a baby at the same time, I admit that one never crossed my mind. It came this morning while I was letting them play together.

Usually when I have them together, I have to continually correct both of them. Dixon will be playing with his rope. Savannah will get excited and try patting him hard or grabbing him. I’ll get on to her and try to redirect her to get his rope to play tug-a-war. Instead of getting the end of the rope that I indicate, she’ll grab the end Dixon has or try to touch his nose. He’ll try to nibble on her fingers. Then, I’ll get on to him. He’ll either roll over with his rope to get away from Savannah or grab it and trot off. Savannah laughs and follows and it begins all over again. Occasionally, I have to wrestle his tail out of her grasp because I didn’t get the chance to catch her before she got it.

This time however, when she got close to him, I saw a particular look cross her face. It’s the look she gets whenever she is interested in how something would taste or what the texture would feel like on her teeth. This look usually comes before she begins chewing on the toy or furniture that she is currently near. She was about an inch away from him with her mouth open when I got to her. She was very disappointed, but at least I wasn’t cleaning dog hair out of her mouth. Needless to say, I stayed right beside her after that.

We wrapped up the play session shortly not long after that. The next one will be even more interesting since I now have yet another thing to worry about. I knew I’d have to watch Dixon for wanting to nip and nibble on Savannah, but I never guessed that she would try to bite him back!