Yesterday, I made one of my projects for the garden: a little pallet table to match the pallet bench I am going to make for the garden. I forgot to take pictures as I was making it, but it came together really quick. The legs came from a display support the grocery store got. I also saved a quarter pallet, which is a near square, 14-15 inch pallet that is used under cardboard displays at grocery stores. These dimensions matched the top of the first display piece.

To make this table, I simply needed to pull apart the quarter pallet. Thankfully, Travis was handy and helped me separate the boards from the cross supports. After that, I took the nails out of all the wood pieces. I took the slates from the top and bottom and laid them across the top support of the legs. I was short a board from having enough so we had to rob one from another quarter pallet I have saved for another project. The boards lined up so there weren’t really any gaps. I tried to put them in an order to aid that and limit the unevenness in the varying board thicknesses. It worked pretty well! Then, I screwed them into place with one inch wood screws.

After I had the top done, I decided how to stabilize the legs. I took the two cross supports and checked to make sure they were long enough to use. I turned them to join the two legs. I screwed them to the legs to prevent them from collapsing towards each other or away from each other.

The end result is DSC08685what you see here. It wobbles a little, but it will be outside on uneven ground. With that being the case, I don’t see it causing any real problems. I am considering painting it a dark brown before I really call it done, but we’ll see. It will be good for holding a drink and a book when I take a break from gardening. I can’t wait to work on the bench now!