There is nothing better than ending a day with the satisfaction of a job well done. Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning and got everything done on my list except cleaning the stove. I washed laundry and dishes and floors… I always feel good when my home has been cleaned from top to bottom and is in at least some form of order. I don’t keep up on it as much as I should, but I put a good dent in it. Though I do love what my Uncle Ronnie told be on Thanksgiving when he stopped by the house and I commented on him ignoring the mess. He said to never apologize for a home that’s lived in because it made him feel more comfortable.

One of the handiest things I used while cleaning was a set of microfiber towels. My mother-in-law got them for me. They work great as a reusable dry Swifter sweeper cloth. I like to run one over the floors before I mop to catch hair and dust that the regular broom can miss. I also used one to dust with. I even used one on my Swifter broom and ran it along the ceiling edge to knock down any cob webs. Then, I hung them outside for the strong winds we had to blow the dust and hair out of them. Now they will be ready for the next time I wash laundry.

Temperatures didn’t warm up as quickly as I had hoped for hanging the wash out yesterday. I am hoping it will be warm enough today to wash sheets and hang them out. I love line-dried sheets. There’s nothing like it.

Hopefully, I’ll get a lot done today too. Maybe I’ll even get time to build my garden bench…