I forgot what it was like to have a puppy. The thing that has amazed me most is just how many things he’s afraid of.

Dixon is afraid of the dark. He doesn’t like walking in the dark or going outside in the dark without me. He’s slowly getting better. He doesn’t like being alone. He whines and yips when he is. But, again, he has gotten a little better as he has gotten a little bigger. Now he is happy running around the yard with Raleigh without me out there too.

He’s also afraid of going down our stairs. I can’t really blame him because they are pretty steep. I have gotten him to where he will follow me up them. I have to set him up on the platform for the stairs because he’s still too little to jump up the big step. This will be solved with time and growth as with all the others.

The cute puppy stage mostly makes up for all the issues. Mostly… Haha. I have to shake my head at some of the things he does. The other day, he was running sideways while we were playing and ran head first into the wall. A continual thing is he will think he is trapped on the ramp in our garage. He forgets it does a zigzag and stands on one end whining. We are definitely working on that.

This all being said, I think Dixon will grow up to be a good one. He comes most of the time when I call, though it may take a little more to get his attention than Raleigh. He also sits most of the time when asked with either food or a toy. Really not bad for a 9 to 10 week old pup!