This is the final part of our looking at the tips from the disaster prep article I shared. It has taken us a little while to get here, but here are the final two tips from the article.

Tip 21: Download free prepping, survival and homesteading e-books from Amazon as they become available. Check the backdoor Survival facebook page for almost daily announcements of books that are currently available—often for just a day or two.

Tip 22: Call (800-480-2520) or email FEMA ( to order a free copy of their excellent book “Are You Ready Guide to Preparedness.”

There are a lot of resources available for disaster preparedness. Both of these are good tips for your basic preper information. I had never considered the wealth of knowledge that following tip 21 can bring. While these are some quick and easy ways to get information, I personally am a little overly cautious about using them for making certain preparations. It is because of this that I wanted to bring up some considerations for you to think about when gathering information.

While government information on preparedness is vast, you should think about what they don’t’ tell you. FEMA has a book full of information. They also have the means and plans in place to swoop in and buy out any surplus supply stores if any national threat appears. And the current government doesn’t share unless they are redistributing someone else’s money and even then most of it ends up in their own pocket. After these supplies are taken off the market, laws are in place to authorize the government to commandeer anyone’s personal supplies for the benefit of the “public.” I am of the personal opinion that anyone who got that FEMA book or used any other government resource to plan and prepare will be their first stop.

This is the same concern I have for joining preparedness social media groups. These can leave an online trail to what you may have that the government and others can access with relative ease. Amazon and other book purchases and even library rentals can be accessed by government due to the Patriot Act (if I remember the law’s name correctly). People will say that is only supposed to be used if someone is suspected of treason, but given the frequent abuse of power by today’s government, I challenge that assumption. Think about how much information you want out about your plans to protect and provide for you family.

For that matter, also think about when the government decides we don’t need certain things and makes them illegal. Think about recent state rulings about collecting rain water being illegal. What will happen when the EPA finds a way to weasel their way in to try and control every bit of natural water in the nation? Water will become even more precious before a disaster even hits. If there is an obvious trail showing that you have set up a way to collect and use rain water, then they will know where to come and demand you relinquish your equipment. And this is only one area that government is threatening to prevent us from taking care of ourselves.

How can you gather more information about disaster preparedness without having others know everything you do? Next time you are out or even out of town, take some extra cash and time and visit a couple of bookstores. See what kind of a selection they have in preparedness, homesteading, and self-sustaining. Go to the library and do the same. If you find your local library has a good selection, then set some extra time aside to go there to ready and take notes. Use their computers to look up books that could be useful. None of these things are really difficult to do.

I am not bringing these things up to encourage illegal activities. I believe in being a law-abiding citizen, but I also don’t’ believe in buckling under tyranny. And I am not bringing this up to discourage you from furthering your knowledge for being prepared. I just want you to think things through as you begin. Don’t get blindsided by these things. Think about what you want people to know under the worse circumstances because these are what we need to be prepared for.