I got the second frame for the garden wall/fence made. It came together quickly. We don’t have many level places here to work with and the wind was cold so I used the garage. The frames aren’t perfect, but I think they will do the job nicely.DSC08703

To build them, I have used 2 six-foot boards and 3 eight-foot boards. I wanted the walls tall enough to give room for vegetables to vine but still where I can reach the produce without a ladder. Six-foot was a good compromise because it is also the length of most latticework panels. I won’t have to cut the panels or piece any of it together this way. After I got the main part of the frame done, I put in midway braces. I had cut all of my boards at one time so I only had to assemble the frame.

I am hoping I will get some days warm enough to paint them. Then, I will anchor them to the concrete we poured in the garden. I am really excited to get this done because after that I will be able to set the cattle tanks and begin filling them. We will also have to add the latticework panels to the frames, but this we should be able to do from the outside. It’s hard to explain, but I will be taking pictures as we make progress on it.