Excuse me for a moment, but I am in the middle of being outraged with our president. I just read an article about how Obama is extending protection of our national law (and I repeat, our national law) to lions in other countries, on other continents. Please forgive me, but I am angry. How dark is it having your head that far up your own backside, Mr. President? We can’t extend preferred placement to fellow Christians who are being executed in Muslim nations, but we can intervene because you think other countries aren’t doing enough to protect their animals??

Don’t get me wrong. I love animals. I’ve been around them all my life and they have been a big part of it. I hate seeing animals mistreated, but you know what? People come first. It’s dangerous for us to be taking anyone right now, but our president is taking only Muslims in against our wishes. And need I remind people, we pay this man to follow our wishes. If he won’t, then what is he there for? Get him the hell out of office!

The danger over there and here is Muslim religion-based fanaticism. Our president ignores those who would truly benefit from the help. There are other Muslim nations close by that could take Muslims displaced by IS. You know who are specifically not welcome in these nations too? That’s right: Christians and Jews. If we’re going to take in anyone, let’s look to these people first. And don’t let Obama lie to you about how looking at religion is anti-American. The application for admission into the country due to persecution has always required a statement of religion. People aren’t just let in to the country because they want to be here; there has to be a reason. It’s time to get this pandering, lying, lecturing, anti-American, terrorist-hugging idiot out of office.